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Coating Thickness Gauges

Digital Coatmeter





Range / Resolution


(0 -20)/0.1

(20 -1250)/1

Accuracy Microns

2 or 1.5%

Min Base Thickness

0.3 mm

Min Area Circle of dia.

10 mm

Min Radius Sphere Convex 6 mm 10 mm
Concave 15 mm 22 mm
Min Dia. Cylinder Outside 6 mm 8 mm
Inside 15 mm 20 mm
Supply Dry Battery 6f22 9V  
Working Temp. Deg C 0 - 50  
Size Instru. mm 130x86x50  
Probe mm D12x1.30 D18xL45
Weight  g 300  
Dial Type Coatgauge

Operating Priciple

When a magnetic base is brought near to 'U’ magent the leakage magnetic flux gets changed. This change is measured by the deflection of a magnetic needle placed in the flux area. The deflection on needle is calibrated to indicate the air gap (non-magnetic coating) between ‘U’ magnet & magnetic base.


Easy to Operate
After presetting the instrument place it on the job, press a button and you get the reading.
In a short time number of jobs can be checked.

Sales Available

Pencil Type Coatgauge


Pull off Type ( For Vertical use only)


Scale 'mu' reads in microns, 'th' in thou and 'ep' is

equally divided.:

Pencil Type Coatest


Pull off Type with Cursor.

(For vertical use only)




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