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Measuring Machine Counters


Professionally designed and manufactured CE products with built in QC systems ensures long lasting product to the entire satisfaction of the customer.
Road Measure


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Road Measurer
Available in two models of I & 1/2 metre circumference to count up to 99999.9 metres. It comes with folding handle and detachable stand facilitate easy transportation with ease on and off the field operation.
Attractive shoulder sling carrying case even facilitates boarding in suburban trains.


Measurement in metres with two wheels of 1/3 metre

Measurement in metres with two wheels of 1/3 metre circumference fitted with hinge for Tilting.



Measurement in metres and tenth of metre with two wheels of % metre
bracket and stopper
suitable for 12.7 mm rod.


Special Purpose Counters

Petrol pump totalizer


Petrol Pump Totalizer
Approved by oil companies.
Standard ‘OE’ fitting for L&T ‘Z’ line petrol pump units.


Time Totalizer


CE time totalizer incorporates a positive self-starting synchronous motor for high accuracy which drives counter through robustly designed worm & worm-wheel gear arrangement and ensures accurate summation of ‘on time’ of any machine, equipment or an ideal tool for cost accountants to evaluate production v/s actual running time, fuel consumption and labour cost of the machine.
It also indicates when preventive maintenance or replacement of components is due.The totalizer can not be reset to zero externally there by ruling out the possibility of tampering with the recorded time. Even the ‘reset’ totalizer is provided with the ‘detachable key’ to ensure safety from unauthorized access to the reset mechanism. The counter returns to zero automatically after completing full counting range e.g 9999.9 to 0000.0.


Economy Model Count


This counter is specially made for low cost, hand winding
machines It is a five digit counter. It comes with left/right lever reset & both side drive shaft extension along with top going or top coming drive direction.

Special Purpose Counters  



Heavy duty high speed revolution counter In series of CR 6 counters.
Series: HCR 5, digits - 5, digit size : 6.5 mm, gear ratio : 1:1,
Ambient temp. : 500 c,

Drive shaft speed : 4000
rpm. max.
Mode of counting - adds in one direction & subtracts in reverse.




6 digit quick reset counter useful for bottling & canning equipments. Available With left or right drive & reset.






Suitable for monitoring exact produced quantity in the
applications like fan winding m/cs or any other process where predetermined production quantity is important.
Counter counts down word from the preset number which on -reaching to the preset value passes from 00000 to 99999; and operates a change over switch which is used for stopping the m/c or actuating an annunciation thus by preventing excess unwanted