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WIKA - Pressure Temperature Gauges


Mechanical Pressure Measurement
Dial indicating gauges for relative, absolute and differential pressures with Bourdon tube diaphragm or capsule elements Scale ranges from
0...2 5 mbar to 0...4000 bar and accuracies to 0.1 % Equipable with mechanical, electric and electronic accessories. For use in consumer- related areas and high grade pressure measuring instruments tailored to specific requirements with regard to accuracy and materials.



Chemical Seals
Flanged, Hygienic and Threaded type diaphragm seals to be combined with pressure gauges, transmitters etc., to cope with the most difficult measuring tasks between .90°C to +400°C and from 50 mbar to 600 bar.


Electronic Pressure & Temperature Transmitters
Pressure transducers, transmitters and switches for measuring ranges from 0....0.6 mbar to 0 7000 bar, digital and smart temperature transmitters for head, rail and enclosure mounting. Temperature ranges from —200°C +1600°C


Mechanical & Electronics Temperature Measurement
Gas-in-metal expansion and Bimetal thermometers to cover temperature ranges from -200°C to +700°C with Electrical alarm contacts and liquid filling. RTD & Thermocouple for Electrical Temperature measurement. Thermo well with special material are also available.


Pressure & Temperature Calibration Equipments
Calibration equipment consisting of Test/Master Pressure gauges of 6”/10” (acc ± 0,25% & 0.1%). Deadweight Tester with accuracy of 0.015%. High precision Pressure indicator/controller of accuracy 0.008%. Hand held Pressure calibrator with data logging system, sensors and source upto 600 bar. Automated Pressure calibration benches with software. Hand held Digital Thermometer for range from -200°C to + 1600°C with data logging facility. Drywell
Temperature Calibration for different ranges.